What To Do With Your Aloe Plant

These plants are nutrient packed and so good for you!

Lots of people have aloe plants in their homes. As many of you know, aloe is great for burns, but did you know aloe is so good for you when you ingest it? I’ll show you how to extract the meat from the plant, but first, did you know:

  • The gel of aloe has as many as 75 nutrients
  • Aloe is anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory
  • Abundant in vitamin A, B12, C, and E
  • Rich in minerals such as: chromium, calcium, magnesium, and more
  • The gel gently cleanses the digestive tract (the outer skin has a strong laxative effect) and has a soothing affect on the mucous membranes


With so many benefits, aloe is a superfood and very nutrient dense. Aloe is a very healing food for the digestive tract. Most people will either put the aloe gel into a smoothie or mix it into their water to ingest it that way. Now you know you can use aloe for more than just burns!


How to extract the gel below

All you need is a cutting board, a paring knife and some paper towel or a rag (if you don’t mind staining it)

Step 1

Cut off an aloe stem near the base using a paring knife.



Step 2

Cut the spines and tip off the stem






Step 3

Fillet between the outer skin and the gel. Be careful not to cut yourself. A butter knife can work for this step if you are worried about cutting yourself.



Step 4

Discard the green skin. You can store aloe in a container in the fridge for up to a week.


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