2015 Race Schedule

July is go time! A race every weekend.
July is go time! A race every weekend.

With 2015 underway, I’ve put together most of my race schedule. If anyone wanted to carpool or split a hotel room, just let me know and we can try to work it out. I only raced 4 times in 2014, mostly focusing on building up my base so I can race often and race hard in 2015. Here’s what my schedule looks like so far:

March 8: Red Deer Hypothermic Half Marathon

March 21: L’arche Half Marathon

April 19: St. Albert 10 Miler

April 26: Edmonton Police Half Marathon

May 17: Woody’s Half Marathon

June 14: Wasa Lake Olympic Triathlon

July 5: Great White North Half Ironman

July 12: Invermere Olympic

July 19: Sylvan Short Course Triathlon

July 26: Calgary 70.3

August 1: Chinook Half Ironman

More to come hopefully, but I need to see how the first half of the race season goes first.

I’m also excited to add that I’m going to be starting my season sponsored by a great company, Four Sigma Foods. They are a company that makes single serve packs of mushroom extracts. I learned about how powerful and beneficial mushrooms can be (especially to athletes) while taking my Culinary Nutrition Expert program. We had a guest speaker one week from Four Sigma Foods come on and talk to us. It became really apparent for me that I should be using mushrooms to my benefit and gain that extra edge. I ordered some product, loved it, and the rest is history. I’ll be making more posts on Four Sigma and the benefits of mushrooms soon, but for now I just want to say how excited I am to represent a great company.

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