Superfood Series Part 2- Maca

You can find maca at most health food stores
You can find maca at most health food stores

Today on the superfood series, we are going to look at the super immune boosting maca! Maca is a root vegetable that is grown in central Peru high in the Andes mountains. It has adapted to grow in poor soil and colder climates. It is also an adaptogenic food that will help your body to adapt to stress. Maca is usually found in powder form and is full of vitamins, minerals, and is fantastic for our hormones. The list of benefits found from maca is very long anywhere you look. I’ve narrowed it down to what I feel are the most important:

  • Increases libido and fertility. Do I have to explain why this is good?
  • Increases energy, endurance, and stamina. High iron content as well as certain B Vitamins helps to combat fatigue.
  • Maca is an adaptogenic food. This helps to stabilize and regulate the bodies immune system as well regulate hormone levels.
  • Maca is antioxidant rich. This protects cells from free radicals and can protect the skin from premature aging.

I think those are 4 pretty amazing benefits considering they all come from a single vegetable root. As far as taste goes, not that amazing. Maca is very bitter, so make sure you only use a little bit when in powder form. I use maca mostly in my coffee substitute drink- Chocolate Mint Chaga Elixir. Sometimes I will put it in my smoothies when I’m in a heavy training period just to make sure my immune system doesn’t take a beating while its under stress. You can find maca in most specialty health food stores.

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