Mushroom Week- Chaga

The chaga that Kayle and I harvested as well as the Chaga I take from Four Sigma Foods. There is a 10% discount code at the bottom if you want to try your own.
The chaga that Kayle and I harvested as well as the chaga I take from Four Sigma Foods. There is a 10% discount code at the bottom if you want to try your own.

I’m excited to share some of my knowledge of mushrooms with you. Mushrooms are so much more than the button shrooms and portabellos you can find in the supermarket. I’ve been learning as much as I can about certain mushrooms over the past year as well as experimenting with them for increased immunity, energy, and performance. It didn’t take me long until I noticed an increase across the board in everything. I was able to keep adding a couple hours of training per week onto my workload, increase intensity and most surprisingly to me, I’ve been able to have a bulletproof immune system and even more energy than before. Before, I would always either start to get run down and definitely feel energy sapped whenever I would try to consistently bump up volume and intensity in training. I’m not saying mushrooms will make you invincible, but they can certainly give you a boost where needed. I am going to be writing about the mushrooms I’ve been using and studying over the past few months.

I thought what better way to start off mushroom week than with what is known as the “King of the mushrooms” and is called chaga. Chaga grows on birch trees and is hard like bark. It almost looks like burnt wood or a tumor growing out of the birch tree. My wife and I actually went out searching for some last summer in northern Alberta and we found some! It was pretty exciting as we had been looking for quite a few hours. It was a fun day of foraging and it was great to be able to harvest some chaga. I won’t get into the details of looking for chaga or how to harvest it, but there is lots of great info on the internet if you’re interested.

Near Cold Lake, AB looking for chaga!
Near Cold Lake, AB looking for chaga!

You can buy chaga in powder form which saves you the trouble and time of doing it yourself. Chaga needs to be dual extracted in order to get all the “goods” out of it. This means boiling the chaga in hot water as well as doing an alcohol extraction. You don’t have to worry about this too much, just make sure that whatever source of chaga you are buying has been dual extracted so that you are getting all the great benefits.

So what are the benefits of chaga?

  1. Amazing for immunity! Chaga has beta-glucans that train your immune system to work better.
  2. Extraordinarily high antioxidant levels. Many more times antioxidants in chaga than what is in fruit and vegetables. This helps your body to fight against different pathogens.

I take chaga every morning so that I have bulletproof immunity for the whole day. If I have a bigger training day I will have a little bit extra to help deal with the stress. I should mention you don’t have to be an athlete to be consuming chaga. We can all benefit from stronger immunity! I use chaga from Four Sigma. It comes in single serving packs and can be put in smoothies, coffees, water, baking, etc. You can consume it anyway you want. I have some recipes for some delicious super chaga balls as well as a chocolate mint chaga elixir (a coffee substitute I have every morning).


If you want to try some chaga from Four Sigma, you can use the discount code “dusty” at checkout to receive 10% off through the Raw Elements site. Click here to check it out. Let me know what you think!

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