How Mushrooms Have Made Me A Faster Athlete

Four Sigma Cordyceps come in handy single serve packs.
Four Sigma Cordyceps come in handy single serve packs.

Today I’m going to talk about a specific kind of fungi called cordyceps. Along with chaga and Vitamin D (especially in the winter months), cordyceps are one of the three things I make sure I take everyday. Below is the video that had originally spiked my interest in cordyceps. I was skeptical at first, especially hearing that it’s been proven to increase maximum oxygen consumption up to 15%. That number is starting to flirt with illegal performance enhancing drugs. I looked into some more and found that cordyceps are very safe to take. There have been studies done that show it does not help with performance, but lots of studies saying that it does. I decided to try some out for myself and see if it could produce any results.


I thought doing a watt test on my bike (on the trainer) would be a perfect way to see if there was any difference. For those of you that don’t know a watt test (the one I did) is basically a test where you go as hard as you can for a specific time to get a benchmark number. Usually this number is your FTP-Functional Threshold Power. I won’t bore you with more details, just know these tests suck and they are usually easy to replicate.

Test 1- I did a 20 minute test without ever having taken cordyceps. I got my number at the end of the ride and ordered some cordyceps!

The cordyceps came a few days later and I started supplementing with them daily. Usually just pouring a pack into my water bottle. Over the next few weeks it’s not like I noticed any massive changes but started to feel like it was getting easier to hold harder paces during some of my run sets. I wasn’t sure if I could attribute any of it to the cordyceps or simply increased fitness. It was time to do another watt test to find out.

Test 2-  I did this test almost exactly one month after the first test. The test sucked just as much as when I did it a month ago, but I was flabbergasted when I finished and saw I increased my FTP by just under 10%! I know some of this can be contributed to an increase in fitness, but there is no way I should be at the point where I can increase by threshold by 10%. Early season or not, that increase is huge and the only difference was that I had been supplementing with cordyceps.


Since doing this test I’ve gotten a sponsorship from the company (Four Sigma Foods) I ordered the cordyceps from. Once I started using a lot of their products daily and noticing big benefits, I reached out in hopes of partnering up with them to spread the word about mushrooms and to help out my 2015 race season as well. Being an ambassador I get to give my readers 10% off any Four Sigma products. I use their chaga product every morning to boost my immunity for the day and I use cordyceps to help squeeze out those extra few percent from my training. If you want to try either chaga, cordyceps, or anything else Four Sigma sells, click here and use the discount code “dusty” at checkout to get 10% off. If you do get any product, make sure to let me know how it’s working out for you! Don’t forget to watch the video below of a great explanation about cordyceps.

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