Edmonton Police Half Marathon Race Report

Sophia and I right after she got her medal, like a boss!

Another weekend and another race to report. This was my 4th time doing the Edmonton Police Half and by far the best weather I’ve ever had for it. It was also my youngest sister’s 1st half marathon ever and we spent the day before the race hanging out in Edmonton and getting ready for the race.

Race morning was pretty typical, I just wish we had left for the race start a little bit later. It was cold on Sunday morning and standing around waiting for the race to start for 45 minutes was a mistake. Nonetheless Sophia and I did a short warmup together with about 10 minutes to go until race start. We took our places at the start line and soon we were off! The pace started off quite slow and picked up a bit as we climbed our first long hill only a few hundred meters in. Once we reached the top I gave a little bit of a surge just to see if the group would come with me. The footsteps started getting quieter and quieter and I knew I had made a little gap. From that point on I ran quite hard until about 11 km. At that point I had come to a long straight road and looked back to see I had at least a minute on 2nd place. I ran the last 10 km a little more conservatively to save my legs a bit (I only managed one 7 km run since the St. Albert 10 miler the weekend before because my legs were so beat up). Coming across the finish line, I was very happy to see I finally broke 1:14 and finished in 1:13:39.

I thought we would be waiting for quite a while for my sister to finish, but to everyones surprise, she finished less than an hour after me and absolutely crushed her first half marathon! It was exciting to see her finish and how proud she was of her performance. We stuck around for awards and food after the race, it was a great end to an awesome morning. Congrats to all the fellow Red Deerians who all had great times.Thanks to Trevor Soll for putting on a great race and to all the volunteers who did a great job as always. Another big thanks to Four Sigma Foods. Their instant cordyceps has made a noticeable difference in my energy and performance since learning about them and using their products since the start of 2015. If you want to know more, send me a message! I put some pictures of the race below.

The race start.
The race start.
My sisters dog Mia came out to watch too!
My sister’s dog Mia came out to watch, too!
Just about to finish
Just about to finish

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