Grateful For Training Partners

Working hard at the track on a Wednesday night with my training partners

It’s been a while since I made a training update and since I’m going to be away from a computer for the rest of the week I thought I’d share how things have been going. What an amazing year of training this has been! It hasn’t been perfect, but nothing ever is. In the past couple months I have surpassed many of my racing and training bests including new best times in runs from 10-21 km, time trials in the pool from 750m to 4 km and higher power numbers on the bike than ever before. This is all very exciting, but it’s not until I can do it in a race that those numbers are going to matter. A lot of this wouldn’t have been possible without two awesome training partners I’ve had the privilege of working out with this year. I usually have no issues training and putting in the work by myself (and I think you have to up to a point) but having two guys who are willing to push their limits with you day in and day out makes it a whole lot easier to get out the door on the days you feel like you got hit by a train. After an entire year of training by myself, it’s been a great welcome to train with these guys and I have a ton of respect for their work ethic. If you are having trouble keeping yourself accountable for your own training, finding a partner or training group can help keep you on track much better. Even the most dedicated of us need some help getting out the door some days.


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