My Coaching Services


If you’re interested in just getting started in running or triathlon or want to take your game to the next level, give me a shout! Since being self coached for the past few years as well as coaching a close friend to his first Ironman in 2015, I’ve really enjoyed the whole coaching process and decided to help others as much as I can. Since being self coached I’ve taken my half ironman time from 4:42 to 4:01 as well as my half marathon time from 1:24 to 1:12. I know no athlete is the same and I do my best in coaching each athlete in what works for them as an individual.

Basic Coaching Fee: Multisport Athlete- $120/month OR Running Only- $75

  • This includes unlimited text/email/phone support. Workout schedule is sent weekly thought

Basic Coaching Fee with Weekly Meal Plans: Multisport Athlete- $170/month OR Running Only- $125

  • Same as the basic coaching fee but with a few recipes a week thrown in.

Basic Coaching Fee and 2x one-on-one meetings/month:$200

  • This is for the Cowichan Valley area only. I can meet up with you twice a month on days of your choosing for a couple of training sessions.


In 2015 I was lucky enough to coach my good friend and training partner Jon Werkema for his first Ironman. He competed at Ironman Whistler and had a fantastic time of 11:30 in absolutely awful conditions! He made me very proud that day. Here is a very nice review he did for me:

I started with Dusty for the 2015 season when I had my first Ironman in sights. At the time we started, we had a short meeting where he went through a process of finding out my goals and expectations for the upcoming season. He went into great detail on how much time I had per day to train for each discipline. His initial process was planned out very well and with the information he gathered from our discussion, we began executing test workouts to see how my season goals matched up to my current fitness levels. After the series of test workouts, he began providing me on a weekly training program that was geared towards me having the most successful season yet.

Starting with a new coach there are always lots of questions not only on strategy but what they are looking for in each workout. Through all of this, Dusty’s effort to remain connected with his athletes was outstanding. He was not only very quick in his responses, but was also very detailed with his explanations so by the end of the conversations, you would know exactly what he was looking for in your performance and why this would benefit you in the future.

Now when it came to feedback, Dusty is very honest with his evaluations. He is very quick to congratulate you on a great performance, but when you haven’t had the best workout results, he had an effective way of telling you how you can train and focus to overcome the challenges you faced for the next time around. And with as many ups and downs that come with being a triathlete, the importance of having a coach that understands these struggles is great, but having a coach that can use these struggles to motivate you for the future is insurmountable, and Dusty does that very well.

Lastly, I’ve appreciated how Dusty intended to leave no stone unturned with his athletes. His preparations with me were not limited to workout performance but he gave just as much attention to my mental game, nutrition, and race day strategy. This was incredibly valuable and it made my race days that much more enjoyable because I was confident in every level of training that I was receiving.

With my 2015 triathlon season coming to a close, it’s hard to put everything Dusty has helped me with into a couple paragraphs. But I can honestly say it was an incredibly motivating, challenging, and rewarding season being under his leadership. And I will be back for the 2016 season no questions asked!

If you’re interested in any my coaching services, please fill out the contact form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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