Guest Post and Infographic on Chaga

Today I’m lucky enough to have a guest post from a chaga expert. Russ, who runs a website devoted to everything chaga, has wrote this post as well as put together the great infographic below. His website is Check it out for more great information.

A key part of boosting your endurance is constantly evolving your diet and exercise plan to include new things. Trying new foods and supplements can provide you with the energy you’ve been lacking to push just a little harder and get to a new personal best. Mushrooms are just one of the foods that can have a big impact on energy and endurance levels.The chaga, or inonotus obliquus, is one of the mushrooms said to have the strongest effect on the body. In some parts of Europe and Asia, chaga is a popular supplement that people take to boost their resistance to common illnesses or simply to stay in better health. The lack of available information on chaga in the mainstream media means that many people in other countries have never heard of this powerful mushroom. Chaga HQ is trying to change that by helping people understand how to harvest and prepare chaga, which grows on birch trees across Canada and the US. The Benefits of Chaga infographic below highlights some of the reasons why chaga is a superfood, and how it can boost immune system and body function.

If you’re training a little harder than usual for an upcoming race, or just trying to reach the next milestone of your personal training plan, chaga is an ideal supplement to boost your abilities. Packed with antioxidants, chaga helps to provide sustained energy during an intense workout and combat inflammation afterwards. Since it is caffeine free, you can easily add it to your diet without wreaking havoc on your system.

The benefits of chaga extend beyond boosting endurance and performance for athletes. Chaga can help people who suffer from arthritis pain get some relief and has even been said to combat cancer. It may not look like much, but the King of Medicinal Mushrooms has plenty to offer.

Courtesy of: Chaga HQ
If you’re interested in trying some chaga out for yourself, fill out the contact form below and I’ll help you to get some.

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