Season Recap and 2016 Plans

The last race of 2015 for me! This local 10 k at a winery close to our house made for the perfect way to end this year's racing season!
The last race of 2015 for me! This local 10 k at a winery close to our house made for the perfect way to end this year’s racing season!

It’s been a long break and a whirlwind month since my last post a month ago. I raced in my last race of the year, a local 10 k, went to Las Vegas for a mini 5 day training camp to help an elite runner prepare for a 5k road race, started working part time for a company I worked for many years ago and even had our first visitors out to the island since we moved. All great things, but making regular updates on the website took a backseat to everything else the past month. Hopefully now that I’m into a routine, I can get back to my regular posting.

Overall, I’m fairly pleased with how my 2015 season went. I improved and had new best times in all distances and had a few wins at some semi competitive races. I didn’t race as much as I was planning on, but moving out to Vancouver Island somewhat last minute, brought a halt to my racing season and brought on an early off season. With all that behind me, I’m excited to start laying down a foundation that will have me racing faster than ever come next year. I’m very excited to step up to the Ironman distance in 2016 and compete in the inaugural Challenge Galway full distance race in Ireland during late June. That will be my focus 100% and all other races will be planned around that. It will be the biggest race since getting my pro card in the last year and could be a big race for me. I feel like with one more good winter of training and working on my weaknesses, I will be ready to step up to the longer distance and really excel.

I have a few more spots open to any athletes who are looking for a triathlon/running coach. As of right now the athletes I’m helping/coaching range from learn to run novice all the way to hopeful Kona qualifiers in triathlon. I’ve really been enjoying learning more about these people, what makes them excel and what doesn’t. I know no two athletes are the same and I take pride in designing programs and schedules based on all the little details, always with lots of feedback to make sure the coach and athlete are going down the right path. If you’re interested in having some help for this year and/or into next season, send me a message and fill out the form below!


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