Running Across Canada…And Back!


No, I’m not running across Canada and back, but over the past year I’ve been following someone who has. Since March 1, 2015, Fast Eddy has run across Canada raising money for Alzheimer’s and Breast Cancer. Now as of December 13 he has started his journey back across Canada once again- only this time- over the cold Canadian winter. I’m not sure how many of you have heard of Fast Eddy and his fundraising aspirations, but now more than ever let’s share his journey with others or donate what we can to his efforts. Running across Canada and back is completely crazy but awesome! I have so much respect for Eddy taking on this huge monster of a challenge, especially doing the second half of his run over the Canadian winter. The craziest thing of all is that Fast Eddy is doing this unsupported! He doesn’t have anyone to drive his vehicle, so he has to run out and back to his car everyday and then drive to the spot he turned around at. Just picture doing that every damn day this winter and you have a glimpse of the life that will be Fast Eddy’s in 2016! This holiday season when we all are in our comfy clothes sitting around drinking egg nog and listening to Christmas music, Fast Eddy will be by himself, running across Canada doing his best to raise money for Alzheimer’s and Breast Cancer. Let’s give support to someone who is selflessly giving support to others.

The man behind the run. Fast Eddy will be doing talks at schools during his run back.
The man behind the run. Fast Eddy will be doing talks at schools during his run back.

I first heard about Fast Eddy when he was interviewed by a radio station in Red Deer and was making his way east early on in his run. I’ve been following him ever since on Facebook. He’s done a fantastic job of making daily updates throughout his entire journey. It’s been remarkable to be able to follow along with someone who is doing something amazing and raising money for two great causes. Fast Eddy usually doesn’t sugar coat things when it comes to his updates- if he is having doubts or a bad day, he talks about it and same goes for when he is having a great day. Let’s let him know that he has our support for his run back across Canada. Please follow him on Facebook (link to his page HERE), run with him if you get the chance, or even give him a hot meal and a homestay while he makes his way back to the west coast. But most of all, if you can, make a donation to the causes he is working so hard for. You can make a donation to either the Alzheimer’s Foundation or the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation through his website,

You can also follow Fast Eddy on Instagram and Twitter.

Good luck Eddy!

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