Finis Tempo Trainer Pro Review

2016-02-04 13.01.43
This little yellow thing will keep you honest during your swim workouts, especially if you swim by yourself.

A couple of weeks ago I picked up the Finis Tempo Trainer Pro. I had read about it on some forums and since I swim by myself 99% of the time, I figured it might help keep me honest in those swim sessions where I have no one to push me. The Finis Tempo Trainer Pro is a small waterproof device that fits under your swim cap and will give you an audible beep depending on what you are training for. Since getting it, I use it about 2 times per week. These are almost always harder sessions when I use the Tempo Trainer. I use the Tempo Trainer in two different ways.

  1. I mostly use the Tempo Trainer to help keep me on pace when I’m doing faster sets. For example, if I was doing a set of 100 m repeats coming in at 1:20, I could set the Tempo Trainer to beep every 20 seconds (if I was in a 25 m pool). In doing this, I would make sure that I would be pushing off on the other end of the pool every time the Tempo Trainer beeps under my swim cap. If it beeps before or after your flip turn you will know whether you are going too fast or too slow and can adjust accordingly to hold your pace. 20160204_123646
  2. I mostly use the Tempo Trainer as I explained in #1, but sometimes I’ll use it to make sure I’m keeping my stroke rate up. Usually longer sets, when I tend to get lazy or simply have my mind drift, my stroke rate will slow down, however, with the Tempo Trainer, you can set it to act like a metronome and match each stroke you take. I usually set it around 0.77 seconds and make sure my strokes are matching up with every beep. This will keep you honest, as it’s very obvious when your stroke starts to slow.


Overall I’m happy I bought the Tempo Trainer. It’s very easy to use and wasn’t uncomfortable at all swimming with it under my swim cap. Since moving a few months ago and no longer having any swimming partners, my Tempo Trainer is keeping my hard sets on track, especially when I’m not motivated. If you swim mostly by yourself and want to add some fun back into your swims, check out the Finis Tempo Trainer Pro. It can be fun trying to flip turn at the end of the pool before you hear a beep in your ear!

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