My 2016 Team

I'll be rocking Xterra at all my races this year
I’ll be rocking Xterra at all my races this year

I’m excited to be partnering up with some great companies and people in 2016. I hope to grow as a triathlete reaching the goals I’ve set out for myself, ultimately getting faster and having a team like this in my corner is going to help make my journey easier! Here’s who they are and a little bit about them.


FourSigmatic_Logo_BlackYou’ve probably heard me praising mushrooms and Four Sigmatic over the past couple of years. I found out about them while taking the Culinary Nutrition Expert course. They carry many products of different mushrooms that can have powerful beneficial effects on our bodies and minds. I use their chaga mushroom for immunity, reshi mushroom for relaxing, cordyceps for athletic performance and their coffee …because I love coffee!


xterraI switched to Xterra wetsuits last year halfway through the tri season. In my next race I had a huge PB in the half ironman swim. Now I’m lucky enough to have them on my team and help me get even faster! You can save 10% off any Xterra order when you use the discount code SA-DSPILLER.


RYDERSeyewear_HZ_negSunglasses that look great and work great! You can customize which lens you want on your frame from photochromatic, polarized, anti-fog and more.


1507942_638935339477807_1819274194_nThe Academy of Culinary Nutrition was where I took my training to become a Culinary Nutrition Expert. It made me completely change for the better in making me a healthier and smarter athlete and person. Ask me about the program, it could help you too! The next course starts September 2016.



Raw Elements is where I go to order so much of my nutrition, including Sun Warrior protein and Four Sigmatic products. Their goal for you is to enjoy the education, while shopping for the best 100% whole food, plant based, organic superfoods geared towards helping your body be the best.You can find anything you can think of on their website from energy bars, coconut oil, nuts and more. You can click on the logo or go to to see more. Make sure to use the coupon code “DUSTY” upon checkout to save 10% off your order.

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