Guest Post: How the CNE Program Made My Husband Even More Awesome

General registration for the 2018 course is now open! I’ve been a Culinary Nutrition Expert for four years and it’s made me much more confident in the kitchen with cooking, changed my relationship with food and has helped my triathlon career immensely. If you are interested in taking the course for yourself to learn some new skills and to become healthier, the course is 14 weeks long and jam packed with great info, teachers, and assignments to make you an expert in everything culinary and nutrition. There is a contact form at the end of this post, make sure you contact me before you sign up and I can save you $50 on your tuition. This article is a guest post by my wife on how the CNE program has changed and benefited both of us. Enjoy! Oh, and here is a link to the program founder Meghan Telpner, talking about the course and what it offers.

So your spouse is interested in this thing called the CNE Program. You’re not really sure what it’s about. Is it just like a really long cooking class? No way, hombre! It is so much more than that. I’m sure your spouse can see how great the program is, especially if he or she has seen one of the talks put on by the director Meghan Telpner. I’m pretty sure Meghan’s spirit animal is a unicorn. She is optimism in human form. Anyway, your spouse might be trying to convince you that this will be a worthwhile investment. But you’re having a tough time seeing it. Well, let me tell you friend, it IS worth it. I will convince you by sharing how my husband taking the CNE program changed our lives- for the better.

My husband is pretty awesome, but he was never one for cooking. He had no confidence in the kitchen at all. His knife handling skills were atrocious at best. His specialties were overcooked eggs and boxed foods. Entire flats of cookies eaten in a sitting were a common occurrence. He once made himself sick by eating a whole box of those stuffed chicken breasts because the sodium levels are through the roof on those suckers. His thinking was that the more food he could stuff into his face, the better. He never was really concerned about the quality of the food and how that would affect his everyday life and especially his athletic performance. Once he changed his diet and learned about the optimal foods that he should be consuming as an athlete, his energy and performance levels increased dramatically. You can read about that here.

Homemade sweet potato fries taste way better than frozen fries

But let’s continue with how the CNE Program will benefit you.

  1. You will save money! Okay, you might be thinking, “Eating healthy is expensive. Can’t I just buy a fast-food burger?” NO! Because your spouse will become a meal planning superstar, you will waste less food. Less food wasted = less money thrown out. Instead of buying that head of cauliflower thinking you’ll finally get on track with being healthy, only to throw it out a month later because it’s rotting in the back of the fridge, everything you buy will have a plan. A food destiny, if you will. And that makes the bank account- and you- happy.
  2. You get to become the #1 taste-tester. Um, hello, it doesn’t get any better than that! Especially when they get to the baking/desserts. I haven’t gone back to an unnamed orange packet peanut butter cup since Dusty learned how to make his own from scratch.
    Dusty's energy balls are a staple snack for us now (not like that you pervert!)
    Dusty’s energy balls are a staple snack for us now (not like that you pervert!)


  3. Eating a healthier diet will make you feel ah-mazing! You may resist at first. “What the heck are you trying to feed me?!? Spirulina…that sounds terrifying!” It gets better. The more often you have something, usually the better it gets. And don’t think this is some namby-pamby crap “diet” where all you eat is lettuce and suck on lemon slices. The meals, snacks, and treats that your spouse will be whipping up will be about 10000000000x better tasting than their conventional counterparts. The nutritional value of your food will be so much higher that you will need to eat less to feel full and you will likely have to use less sick days. Which also saves money! (See #1) We both have noticed enormous differences in energy levels since Dusty started the program. We sleep better, go to the bathroom better (we won’t go into details on that one), think more clearly…the list goes on.
  4. To see the increase in confidence in the kitchen is pretty cool. It’s one of those things that just spreads out in all facets of life, helping your spouse to tackle all sorts of difficult things in life more easily. Self-sufficiency breeds self-confidence.
  5. Your spouse can do more than just make you new healthy meals and snacks. The options for what they can use the skills they learn outside the home are almost endless. Here are some examples of what your spouse could do (taken from the Culinary Nutrition Expert website):
  • Run cooking workshops and classes
  • Pursue corporate consulting for hotels and conference centers
  • Create education programs in public and private schools
  • Write for magazines, blogs and newspapers
  • Teach cooking at community centres, youth centres, schools, etc
  • Cook/cater at private dinners, events, or execute a meal delivery service
  • And much, much, much more

I think I’ve presented some pretty rock-solid reasons why the Culinary Nutrition Program is stellar and will have many benefits. But, if you are not fully convinced yet…contact either myself or Dusty, and we’ll answer those nagging questions you have. Now back to Dusty.

If you’re still interested in more information, feel free to fill out the contact form below or check out the CNE site here. Make sure to send me an email before you register and I can save you $50 on your tuition fee! Hope you enjoyed Kayle’s article and good luck if you decide to take the course.

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