ZWIFT- How To Change Your Indoor Riding Forever!

I’ve been using Zwift for all my indoor riding over the past couple of years. Zwift is a training application that you can use to ride in a virtual environment with others. I like riding by myself on Zwift and love that I have all my watts, time, heart rate, etc. all in front of me instead of looking down at my bike computer the entire ride. There are also lots of workouts you can pre-load onto Zwift before you start riding. Everything from workouts ranging to less than 1 hour to century rides. You can even follow an entire training schedule, like a 12 week winter program. If you don’t choose a workout you can simply free ride, which if you have a smart trainer, it will actually provide a real time feel. If you’re going up a 12% incline, your smart trainer will make it feel like you’re actually climbing up a 12% hill and vice versa if you’re descending. You can also spend your time chasing jerseys on Zwift. The orange jersey goes to the person that has the fastest lap, the green jersey is the fastest sprint, and the polka dot jersey is the king of the mountain, which all of them are getting harder and harder to attain, since there are more and more active users on Zwift everyday. All you need to use Zwift is a power meter or smart trainer, an internet connection, and a computer. If you want to see what it looks like, I show some footage of Zwift in the video above. Send me a message if you have anymore questions about Zwift!

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