Scicon AeroComfort 2.0 Bike Bag Review


I told myself I would never trust a soft shell bike bag over a hard bike case, worried that my bike would get damaged on one of the many flights it would be taking. I’ve used  hard cases since I started in triathlon many years ago, but since moving, I needed to buy a new bike bag. The only one my local bike shop had was this Scicon bike bag specifically designed for triathlon bikes. Even though it wasn’t a hard shell bike box, I was intrigued after the store owner showed me how easy it was to get a bike in and out of it. I went home and looked up as many reviews as I could and found almost all of them were positive with the only exceptions I could find were some people wish the bag came with more replacement wheels for the bottom of the bag, as well as the price of the bag being on the higher end as far as soft shell bike bags go. Since those were the only negatives I could find, I decided I could trust this bag to protect my bike and went ahead and bought it! The wheels on the bottom of the bag have not been as issue so far, but I’ve only taken my bike bag on 6 flights. Another huge positive about this bag is I can fold it up, put it in a carrying case and store it under my bed or in a closet. It hardly takes up any room! I’ve been very impressed with this Scicon AeroComfort 2.0 bike bag so far and hopefully it continues to keep my baby safe. Check out the video below, where I show how easy it is to put a triathlon bike in the bike bag.

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