Scicon AeroComfort 2.0 Bike Bag Review


I told myself I would never trust a soft shell bike bag over a hard bike case, worried that my bike would get damaged on one of the many flights it would be taking. I’ve used  hard cases since I started in triathlon many years ago, but since moving, I needed to buy a new bike bag. The only one my local bike shop had was this Scicon bike bag specifically designed for triathlon bikes. Even though it wasn’t a hard shell bike box, I was intrigued after the store owner showed me how easy it was to get a bike in and out of it. I went home and looked up as many reviews as I could and found almost all of them were positive with the only exceptions I could find were some people wish the bag came with more replacement wheels for the bottom of the bag, as well as the price of the bag being on the higher end as far as soft shell bike bags go. Since those were the only negatives I could find, Continue reading

How To Tie A Heel Lock

If your heel is slipping or if your foot is moving around while running, this tip might be all you need to fix your problem! Tying your shoes using a heel lock can “lock” your heel into place keeping it from slipping and moving around. Also, if you experience blisters while running, it may be due to your foot sliding around inside your shoe. Using the heel lock can sometimes help this problem and eliminate your blisters too. Give it a shot and let me know if it helped you!

You Might Be Doing This Wrong If You’re a Triathlete or Runner

Ego. That silly thing that holds back so many of us endurance athletes. When it comes to training, don’t let your ego get in the way and hold back your development as an athlete. Training and getting better is all about consistency day in and day out, not putting in these big epic sessions that make your friends think “wow that’s insane, you are amazing”. Yes, those sessions have a time and place, but real improvement comes from the boring day in and day out basic training and being consistent. I talk about all that and more in the video below. If you ever have any questions about training or want coaching to help you reach the next level in 2017, fill out the form below and let’s chat! Hope you enjoy my video.


ZWIFT- How To Change Your Indoor Riding Forever!

I’ve been using Zwift for all my indoor riding over the past couple of years. Zwift is a training application that you can use to ride in a virtual environment with others. I like riding by myself on Zwift and love that I have all my watts, time, heart rate, etc. all in front of me instead of looking down at my bike computer the entire ride. There are also lots of workouts you can pre-load onto Zwift before you start riding. Everything from workouts ranging to less than 1 hour to century rides. You can even follow an entire training schedule, like a 12 week winter program. If you don’t choose a workout you can simply free ride, which if you Continue reading

5 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong as a Triathlete


With the race season coming to an end for most runners and triathletes, I thought I would share a list of 5 things you might be doing wrong as a triathlete.

  1. Eating a huge breakfast on race morning. You would think most people would know better than to shovel 1000+ calories into their bodies on race mornings, but it happens all the time. Unfortunately, that’s not how our bodies work. Just because we have a 3+ hour event ahead of us doesn’t mean we can or should squeeze in that extra bagel and two granola bars on race morning, in hopes that it will somehow give us the energy we need many hours from now. Our glycogen (energy) stores should be full on race morning whether we eat a breakfast or not. Most people still keep it normal or have a light breakfast on race morning and are fine, but we don’t need to overdo it. I’ve done half Ironman Continue reading

Ironman Chattanooga Race Report 2016


Ironman Chattanooga was my last chance of 2016 to reach a finish line of a triathlon. After a bad bike crash in March that left me sidelined for weeks and handicapped my training until August, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to do a race this year. I thought maybe taking the rest of the summer off and refocusing on next year might be the best thing. After many, many talks with the wife, I was determined to go to Chattanooga and reach the finish line and most importantly, enjoy the process and race, while rediscovering why I love to train and race triathlon. Once I mentally committed to toeing the line, I had a fantastic 3 weeks of training leading into Continue reading