Food Prep- Not As Bad As You Think

After working with dozens of people over the past couple of years, one problem most people have sticks out more than anything else. Food prep and not having time to food prep. We’ve all been there, including myself- It’s been a long day and you have a fridge full of great healthy food, but would rather opt for fast food because all the work is done for you rather than actually taking the time to prepare the food you have at home. Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of people complain about this exact thing and having to eat out or miss meals entirely. Hearing all this made me curious how long it actually takes to meal and snack prep. Next time I had to make Continue reading

Guest Post: How the CNE Program Made My Husband Even More Awesome

General registration for the 2018 course is now open! I’ve been a Culinary Nutrition Expert for four years and it’s made me much more confident in the kitchen with cooking, changed my relationship with food and has helped my triathlon career immensely. If you are interested in taking the course for yourself to learn some new skills and to become healthier, the course is 14 weeks long and jam packed with great info, teachers, and assignments to make you an expert in everything culinary and nutrition. There is a contact form at the end of this post, make sure you contact me before you sign up and I can save you $50 on your tuition. This article is a guest post by my wife on how the CNE program has changed and benefited both of us. Enjoy! Oh, and here is a link to the program founder Meghan Telpner, talking about the course and what it offers.

So your spouse is interested in this thing called the CNE Program. You’re not really sure what it’s about. Is it just like a really long cooking class? No way, hombre! It is so much more than that. I’m sure your spouse can see how great the program is, especially if he or she has seen one of the talks put on by the director Meghan Telpner. I’m pretty sure Meghan’s spirit animal is a unicorn. She is optimism in Continue reading