You Might Be Doing This Wrong If You’re a Triathlete or Runner

Ego. That silly thing that holds back so many of us endurance athletes. When it comes to training, don’t let your ego get in the way and hold back your development as an athlete. Training and getting better is all about consistency day in and day out, not putting in these big epic sessions that make your friends think “wow that’s insane, you are amazing”. Yes, those sessions have a time and place, but real improvement comes from the boring day in and day out basic training and being consistent. I talk about all that and more in the video below. If you ever have any questions about training or want coaching to help you reach the next level in 2017, fill out the form below and let’s chat! Hope you enjoy my video.


Guest Post: How the CNE Program Made My Husband Even More Awesome

General registration for the 2018 course is now open! I’ve been a Culinary Nutrition Expert for four years and it’s made me much more confident in the kitchen with cooking, changed my relationship with food and has helped my triathlon career immensely. If you are interested in taking the course for yourself to learn some new skills and to become healthier, the course is 14 weeks long and jam packed with great info, teachers, and assignments to make you an expert in everything culinary and nutrition. There is a contact form at the end of this post, make sure you contact me before you sign up and I can save you $50 on your tuition. This article is a guest post by my wife on how the CNE program has changed and benefited both of us. Enjoy! Oh, and here is a link to the program founder Meghan Telpner, talking about the course and what it offers.

So your spouse is interested in this thing called the CNE Program. You’re not really sure what it’s about. Is it just like a really long cooking class? No way, hombre! It is so much more than that. I’m sure your spouse can see how great the program is, especially if he or she has seen one of the talks put on by the director Meghan Telpner. I’m pretty sure Meghan’s spirit animal is a unicorn. She is optimism in Continue reading

Woody’s RV Half Marathon 2016 Race Report

Leading out the pack at the start of the race. Photo by JEFF STOKOE / Red Deer Advocate.

My first race of 2016 (and only running event of the season) kicked off in Red Deer at the Woody’s half marathon. Woody’s marathon, half marathon, and 10 k is held every May Long weekend. My wife and I decided to come home for the weekend and visit family all over Alberta. Of course, I couldn’t come back to Alberta and not race Woody’s, so I Continue reading

Running Advice And Workouts To Make You Faster On Race Day

BC 2015
Hope you find my running advice and workouts helpful!

I haven’t been one to write much for training advice/tips on my website, but with race season already here or coming up soon for many of you, I thought I would change that. I’ve played around with different training methods and taken my half marathon time from 1:24-1:12 over the past 5 years. A couple of years ago I had reached a plateau and couldn’t seem to break the 1:14 mark for my half marathons, having a string of results anywhere from 1:14-1:16. I was consistent but wasn’t really improving. Since that time not long ago I have been able to run new bests at every race going as low as 1:12 and soon, hopefully much faster. I’ve been able to do that on only 40 – 50 km/week (with swimming and cycling) by making a few small changes to my training. If you are  competitive in running, 40 – 50 km/week would be an incredibly low volume week. I’ve discovered I’ve been able to improve drastically only doing 3 harder key sessions a week. Sometimes, usually in the weeks leading into a race I will add some extra easy runs and bumping my weekly run mileage up to 60 – 70 km. When I go for an easy run, it is truly aerobic and yes, sometimes it’s hard to hold back, especially if I feel great, Continue reading

Season Recap and 2016 Plans

The last race of 2015 for me! This local 10 k at a winery close to our house made for the perfect way to end this year's racing season!
The last race of 2015 for me! This local 10 k at a winery close to our house made for the perfect way to end this year’s racing season!

It’s been a long break and a whirlwind month since my last post a month ago. I raced in my last race of the year, a local 10 k, went to Las Vegas for a mini 5 day training camp to help an elite runner prepare for a 5k road race, started working part time for a company I worked for many years ago and even had our first visitors out to the island since we moved. All great things, but making regular updates on the website took a backseat to everything else the past month. Hopefully now that I’m into a routine, I can get back to my regular posting.

Overall, I’m fairly pleased with how my 2015 season went. I improved and had new best times in all distances and had a few wins at some semi competitive races. I didn’t race as much as I was planning on, but moving out to Vancouver Island somewhat last minute, brought a halt to my racing season and brought on an early off season. With all that behind me, I’m excited to start laying down a foundation that will have me racing faster than ever come next year. I’m very excited to step up to the Ironman distance Continue reading

Victoria Half Marathon Race Report

Happy to still have a good time despite self destructing the last 10 km.
Happy to still have a good time despite a bad last 10 km.

Moving out to Vancouver Island at the end of summer, I knew I would probably run in the Victoria half marathon and hopefully have a good chance at smashing my best half marathon time. The week leading up to the race, I had some amazing workouts including a great longer tempo run as well as some kilometer repeats at the track. Going into the race, I felt like I had a good shot of running in the 1:10 area. Continue reading