Woody’s RV Half Marathon 2016 Race Report

Leading out the pack at the start of the race. Photo by JEFF STOKOE / Red Deer Advocate.

My first race of 2016 (and only running event of the season) kicked off in Red Deer at the Woody’s half marathon. Woody’s marathon, half marathon, and 10 k is held every May Long weekend. My wife and I decided to come home for the weekend and visit family all over Alberta. Of course, I couldn’t come back to Alberta and not race Woody’s, so I Continue reading

Maca Chaga Choco Elixir

This elixir is full of so many great stress adapting, immune boosting ingredients!

This is one of my favorite drink recipes I’ve made, the Maca Chaga Choco Elixir (try saying that five times fast!). I’ve played around with some of my ingredients on the shelf for quite some time before I finally came up with this tasty elixir. One of my more popular recipes of 2015 was the Chocolate Mint Chaga Elixir (recipe here) but after having it many times, I needed to come up with something new. This new elixir tastes Continue reading

Relax This Holiday Season With Reishi

The holidays are attacking!
The holidays are attacking!

Well, it’s that time of year again. Christmas music is playing everywhere you go, ugly sweaters are the hottest fashion trend of the season, and you’ve already had too much eggnog. Some of you may be stressing about adding gift shopping, holiday parties, and hosting to your already maxed out schedule. Some of you are just plain terrified to see your family members all together in one room. Stop, take a deep breath…it will all be Continue reading

Victoria Half Marathon Race Report

Happy to still have a good time despite self destructing the last 10 km.
Happy to still have a good time despite a bad last 10 km.

Moving out to Vancouver Island at the end of summer, I knew I would probably run in the Victoria half marathon and hopefully have a good chance at smashing my best half marathon time. The week leading up to the race, I had some amazing workouts including a great longer tempo run as well as some kilometer repeats at the track. Going into the race, I felt like I had a good shot of running in the 1:10 area. Continue reading

Invermere Heart Of The Rockies Triathlon Race Report

Leaving transition heading out onto the run, chasing myself!
Leaving transition heading out onto the run, chasing myself!

This was my first time doing the Heart of the Rockies olympic triathlon. It was by far the most scenic short course race I’ve ever done, even amidst the smoky and rainy weather. Kayle and I drove down Saturday, picked up my race package, set up camp with my sister and brother in law and enjoyed the rest of the day.

My sister and her dog Mia enjoying camping.
My sister and her dog Mia enjoying camping.

Race morning came and I did not want to leave the tent. My stomach was in knots and I had zero desire to pack up and head to the race. Not sure what it was but it wasn’t nerves, as this race was the most laid back I had been all year. I felt like that until after the race and Kayle felt the same the next morning. We headed down anyways as I promised myself I would at least go through the motions and get the swim done. If I still felt crappy, I could pull the pin then. It started raining just before the swim started, so I rushed to get my wetsuit on before it got too Continue reading

Great White North Triathlon Race Report

Starting the 2nd and final lap of the run. This was my 4th time doing this great race.
Starting the 2nd and final lap of the run. This was my 4th time doing this great race.

The Great White North triathlon is a fantastic event that always happens during the first weekend of July. There is a half Iron event as well as an Olympic distance. It’s always a very well ran race with great swag and volunteers. Michael Brown is the race director and he’s done a great job since taking over the race in the past few years. This was my first half Iron distance event since I did GWN the previous year. Last year I came in at 4:09 and I knew this time I would be very close to breaking the 4 hour barrier. I was a bit nervous coming into this race, especially since I had just come off a poor race in Wasa Lake three Continue reading