Victoria 70.3 Race Report- 2017

Jason and I post-race

What a fun race! The most beautiful bike/run course and having a friend do the race too, made this event perfect for me to get back into the groove of racing again. With the exception of a late season full Ironman I did last year to keep my pro card, I haven’t been ready to race a triathlon in almost 2 years. A silly mountain biking accident is to thank for that. Needless to say, I rarely hit the technical stuff when I go off-road anymore (my MTB skills are severely lacking).

5 days before the race, my friend (and fellow pro triathlete) Jason Pohl Continue reading

Ironman Chattanooga Race Report 2016


Ironman Chattanooga was my last chance of 2016 to reach a finish line of a triathlon. After a bad bike crash in March that left me sidelined for weeks and handicapped my training until August, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to do a race this year. I thought maybe taking the rest of the summer off and refocusing on next year might be the best thing. After many, many talks with the wife, I was determined to go to Chattanooga and reach the finish line and most importantly, enjoy the process and race, while rediscovering why I love to train and race triathlon. Once I mentally committed to toeing the line, I had a fantastic 3 weeks of training leading into Continue reading