Victoria 70.3 Race Report- 2017

Jason and I post-race

What a fun race! The most beautiful bike/run course and having a friend do the race too, made this event perfect for me to get back into the groove of racing again. With the exception of a late season full Ironman I did last year to keep my pro card, I haven’t been ready to race a triathlon in almost 2 years. A silly mountain biking accident is to thank for that. Needless to say, I rarely hit the technical stuff when I go off-road anymore (my MTB skills are severely lacking).

5 days before the race, my friend (and fellow pro triathlete) Jason Pohl Continue reading

What Does A Triathlete’s Training Week Look Like?

Something I’m asked all the time is what does my training look like? Well, I thought I’d share with you a typical training week for myself. This week of training was from March 6-12 and just under 3 months out from my first triathlon of the year. I do have running races sprinkled in leading up to my first tri, but I am only using these running races as hard training runs and won’t taper for them. Also, you’ll notice a big emphasis on the swim and bike. I am really trying to consume the bulk of my training this year with the swim and the bike to really focus on my weaknesses and try to turn them into strengths that will help Continue reading

You Might Be Doing This Wrong If You’re a Triathlete or Runner

Ego. That silly thing that holds back so many of us endurance athletes. When it comes to training, don’t let your ego get in the way and hold back your development as an athlete. Training and getting better is all about consistency day in and day out, not putting in these big epic sessions that make your friends think “wow that’s insane, you are amazing”. Yes, those sessions have a time and place, but real improvement comes from the boring day in and day out basic trainingĀ and being consistent. I talk about all that and more in the video below. If you ever have any questions about training or want coaching to help you reach the next level in 2017, fill out the form below and let’s chat! Hope you enjoy my video.


How Becoming A Culinary Nutrition Expert Has Made Me A Better Athlete

At the 2013 Saskatoon Triathlon
At the 2013 Saskatoon Triathlon

Prior to the summer of 2014 I felt like I was doing great as a triathlete in both training and racing. While that might have been true, I was missing out on something. That something was my day in and day out nutrition. I had a high carb diet, consisting of lots of pasta and breads. I didn’t think twice about it. I stayed lean, trained and raced well. I figured if the furnace was hot enough anything would burn!

However, for years on a high carb diet, I was constantly hungry and always very tired. I would always blame it on the amount of training I was doing, thinking I was destined for Continue reading