Woody’s RV Half Marathon 2016 Race Report

Leading out the pack at the start of the race. Photo by JEFF STOKOE / Red Deer Advocate.

My first race of 2016 (and only running event of the season) kicked off in Red Deer at the Woody’s half marathon. Woody’s marathon, half marathon, and 10 k is held every May Long weekend. My wife and I decided to come home for the weekend and visit family all over Alberta. Of course, I couldn’t come back to Alberta and not race Woody’s, so I Continue reading

My 2016 Team

I'll be rocking Xterra at all my races this year
I’ll be rocking Xterra at all my races this year

I’m excited to be partnering up with some great companies and people in 2016. I hope to grow as a triathlete reaching the goals I’ve set out for myself, ultimately getting faster and having a team like this in my corner is going to help make my journey easier! Here’s who they are and a little bit about them.


FourSigmatic_Logo_BlackYou’ve probably heard me praising mushrooms and Four Sigmatic over the past couple of years. I found out about them while taking the Culinary Nutrition Expert Continue reading

Relax This Holiday Season With Reishi

The holidays are attacking!
The holidays are attacking!

Well, it’s that time of year again. Christmas music is playing everywhere you go, ugly sweaters are the hottest fashion trend of the season, and you’ve already had too much eggnog. Some of you may be stressing about adding gift shopping, holiday parties, and hosting to your already maxed out schedule. Some of you are just plain terrified to see your family members all together in one room. Stop, take a deep breath…it will all be Continue reading

Super Chaga Energy Balls

There are many versions of the “energy ball” out on the internet. This one combines some of my favorite superfoods and of course, chaga! Putting some chaga in these balls will make your immune system stronger. I use this recipe for snacks throughout the day and sometimes even fuel for some of my workouts. These super chaga balls are really easy to make and you can easily make a double batch on the weekend.

Ingredients- Continue reading