What Does A Triathlete’s Training Week Look Like?

Something I’m asked all the time is what does my training look like? Well, I thought I’d share with you a typical training week for myself. This week of training was from March 6-12 and just under 3 months out from my first triathlon of the year. I do have running races sprinkled in leading up to my first tri, but I am only using these running races as hard training runs and won’t taper for them. Also, you’ll notice a big emphasis on the swim and bike. I am really trying to consume the bulk of my training this year with the swim and the bike to really focus on my weaknesses and try to turn them into strengths that will help Continue reading

ZWIFT- How To Change Your Indoor Riding Forever!

I’ve been using Zwift for all my indoor riding over the past couple of years. Zwift is a training application that you can use to ride in a virtual environment with others. I like riding by myself on Zwift and love that I have all my watts, time, heart rate, etc. all in front of me instead of looking down at my bike computer the entire ride. There are also lots of workouts you can pre-load onto Zwift before you start riding. Everything from workouts ranging to less than 1 hour to century rides. You can even follow an entire training schedule, like a 12 week winter program. If you don’t choose a workout you can simply free ride, which if you Continue reading

Zwift- Make Trainer Workouts Fun Again

Zwift is awesome! It's been a great add on to all my trainer rides.
Zwift is awesome! It’s been a great add on to all my trainer rides.

For those of you that have a power meter on your bike or have a smart trainer and haven’t heard of Zwift, you’re welcome, I just made your indoor training a whole lot more enjoyable. I signed up for Zwift almost a year ago and I do about 75% of all my trainer workouts on Zwift. It’sĀ helped me to be much more consistent with my riding when Continue reading